Sunday, March 6, 2011

- ENmenu - Softimage Plugin


This Plugin show the Maya-like Menu.

Download : (32-bit only)
Download : (This is including 64bit version)

Type the following command and run it.

ENmenu "test"
ENmenu "for Modeling"
ENmenu etc...

(Each displays a different menu.)

Register the sample plugin to Shortcut.
(main menu on Softimage)File/Keyboard Mapping...
Group:Custom Script Commands

FifthMenu is provided as free-plugin. Use at your own risk.


Input script code :

Edit color :

at run the sample plugin : (ENmenu_Sample)


  1. Thanks a lot, great addon.
    But if it is possible to make 64 bit version?

  2. Thanks! but I'm sorry
    Unfortunately, because I don't have 64 bit Softimage can not be developed Plugin for it.

  3. Sad... robou, your addon looks extremely useful...
    but i need x64 version too,
    Anyway, great work.

  4. My acquaintance compiled this plug-in for 64bit.
    Please use this.

  5. Hi robou!
    i just discovered your plugin, and i have to say its fast and wonderful! thank you so much! i have a question how do i make a menu context sensitive. like you did with your sample menu. so that you see a different menu for poinr, edge and poly selection. and is it possible to use this context sensitivity also for other objects. like a different menu when a curve is selecten or a mesh object? thank you! cyte-concept.decy

  6. hi robou, i just discovered your plugin, and i have to say it is fast and fantastic! i want to know how to make a menu context sensitive like you did with your sample menu? so you see different menus for point, edge and poly selection. moreover i would like to know if the context sensitivity could be used in other cases, too? like having different menus for mesh, curve surface etc.
    Thank you !!

  7. Hi, CYTE2142.
    Please look for "ENmenu_SamplePlugin.vbs" from a folder of the installation of your PC.
    When you open this file and change the following points, you come to be able to distinguish a specific type.

    if Selection.count > 0 and Selection.Filter.type = "FilterSubComponentType" then
    Select Case Selection(0).type
    Case "polySubComponent"
    ENmenu "sample_SelectPolygon"

    1. For example, please add the following sentences when you display the menu for exclusive use of the Null object.
      Case "null"
      ENmenu "menu_for_null"

  8. Hi robou,
    Thank you! Your plugins Rock!

  9. Hi robou, i just wanted to ask you something. when enmenu gets installed inside a workgroup rather than under the user folder softimage crashes. do you think this could be fixed? im not expecting you to fix this. but i know a coder that would help me with this issue... i really like this plugin and i love softimage :) if i would be able to install this addon in a workgroup would help me so much. im a freelancer and when im booked in some companies they move all user related stuff in a workgroup... so im not able to use a result im slow at work as a slug :) thank you!

  10. Thank you for using ENmenu.
    Unfortunately I cannot use Softimage now.
    In addition, the maintenance is difficult because I do not program it using C language for a while.
    It's a shame I couldn't do anything to help you.
    If you wouldn't mind, because there is Plug-in resembling ENnmenu at the following site, please try it.